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Easy Topknot Hairstyles For Summer 2018

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Top knot hairstyles are stylish and easy to style hairstyle that is perfect for formal and casual look. These hairstyles are inspired from the red carpet or events. Adopting a topknot one can get a stunning look within a second.


Top knot are amazing hairstyle for summer as it helps to keep the hair away from the face and neck. Carrying a simple topknot is easy but if you want to make the hairstyle more stunning add braids. Adding a boxer braid to topknot is a trending hairstyle for the last year. You can use these hairstyles for formal events, casual and even on wedding etc. the topknot will keep you away from sweating in summer.


Full High Bun Hairstyles 2018:
The full high bun is traditional and trendy hairstyle that is full of volume and ideal to be carried for any occasion. The bun at the crown is not formed in a proper shape.


Full High Bun Hairstyles 2018

How to get the hairstyle:
• Prep damp hair with styling mousse.
• Blow dry with the help of a styling brush.
• Run a flat iron on the lengths and pull the length at the crown.
• Create a high ponytail and twist the length into a bun.
• Secure the bun with bobby pins.
• Apply holding spray at the end.
Additional information;
Those who wants full and volume bun can use extension. This topknot hairstyle works for square, round and heart face structure. Medium and thick hair rocks on this hairstyle.

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