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Scrunchies Ideas for Hairstyles 2018 Spring

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This versatile hairstyle is back again and is make waves around. It was seen carrying on the red carpet and different fashion week. The hairstyle is quiet simple to style and carry. Medium and long hair works for this hairstyle. Scrunches can be carried with curls, straight and braided hair.

How to get the look
• Blow dry wet hair after prepping with hair mousse.
• Create curls, or braids whatever you want to carry.
• Make a low ponytail and use stylish scrunches to secure the ponytail.

School Girl Plaits
With the start of this year the school girl plaits come to fashion and is loved by everyone. This simple hairstyle does not take much time and look stylish to be carried by anyone. There are many ways to make a school girl plaits that can be made just like a boxer braid, or braid starting from the crown section to the end of the length. Curls or straight hair is not necessary for braid so there is no need to use any other product.

School Girl Plaits Hairstyles Ideas 2018

How to get the look:

• Prep damp hair with hair mousse.
• Blow dry using round brush.
• Take three piece of hair at the crown and start adding simple braids.
• Add small piece while going to the next braid.
• At the end secure it with simple hair elastic.
• Keep a small piece of hair around the face for face framing.

Big And Bouncy
The trendiest hairstyle of the last decades is again in fashion. Loose waves and side swept bouncy hair is the most versatile hairstyle that can be carried for all kind of events. The hairstyle works on medium and long hair.

How to get the look:
• Prep damp hair with hair mousse.
• Blow dry using a round brush.
• Apply heat protection.
• Heat up a curling iron and create curls on the length.
• Make back combingat the front and crown section.
• Divide the hair from a side part.

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