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Straight Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair 2018

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Styling thin hair is difficult as many hairstyles do not support texture and volume. Thin hair needs more volume and texture. Given below are four hairstyles that will guide you how to get the perfect hairstyles for thin hair. All you needs is a volumizing mousse, thickening spray and dry shampoo.

Soft Waves Hairstyles 2018
Curls are one the easiest ways to get volume. It hairstyle is ideal for casual look. Use thickening spray to get more volume.

How to get the look:
• Prep damp hair with volumizing mousse.
• Blow dry uisng a round brush.
• Heat up a curling iron and create curls on the lengths.
• Make backcombing at the crown section.
• Apply holding spray.


Soft Waves Medium Hairstyles 2018


Additional information:
This hairstyle is ideal for wider and square face structure. Thin to medium hair works well for this hairstyle.


Large Spiral Curls
Spiral curls with side swept are an amazing hairstyle that can be carried for formal events as well as for casual look. It is the best way to add volume to thin hair.

How to get the look:
• Prep wet hair with hair mousse.
• Blow dry using paddle brush.
• Heat up a curling iron and create spiral curls on the lengths.
• Apply holding spray to carry the curls.

Additional information;
This hairstyle works on oval and round face structure. To get the spiral curls, divide the hair into sections and warp it section around the curling iron. Remove the curling iron without damaging the curls.

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